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Revolutionize Your Hospital Customer Experience

Our Engage product is designed to help you engage with your customers more effectively. Hospitals can be a complicated and scary place for people, and we know that the better the customer experience, the better results for everyone. Research has shown us that with each passing year, more and more individuals prefer text based communication, and their satisfaction levels are significantly higher following text interactions compared to phone or email. Our product is designed to improve your hospital customer experience, without sacrificing efficiency or productivity for your staff.


How is Your Hospital Customer Experience?

Quality Customer Experience is always driven by the needs and desires of the customer, and we believe that text based communication is the future of customer interactions. While outbound texts may be fairly prominent as a communication tool across the industry, VoyagerNetz Engage allows for inbound inquiries, and facilitates a two way conversation with your customer, on the platform they want to engage on, allowing Hospital Customer Experience to be the priority. This product can easily integrate with existing systems, simply allowing the customer to engage with the hospital on their terms resulting in a better experience for all involved.