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Enhance your customer reach

Reach more targeted customers and prospects with your marketing message through texting / SMS.

Break through the clutter and reach customers and prospects with your marketing message and other important information via texting / SMS.

Reach hundreds of customers and prospects

Texting / SMS is the only channel through which you can reach hundreds of targeted customers and prospects within minutes with a 98% read rate.

The most powerful call to action imaginable

Customers and prospects receive targeted promotions and can take action by simply clicking reply which triggers an engagement with your team.

Customers and prospects only receive info relevant to them

Reach a targeted set of customers and prospects with valuable and relevant text / SMS messages.

Simple to monitor usage

Usage can be viewed on easy to understand graphs per list or for all lists.


One solution for all devices

Whether users run Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone or Android - we support it all...and users can instantly switch conversations from one device to another in real time!

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