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Learn how VoyagerNetz can help trades and contractors.

Customer have a new preference

Customers prefer messaging over phone calls

When it comes to dealing with service issues and questions, customers would much rather message with a customer service representative than speak to one live on the phone

More efficiency and effectiveness!

Conversational messaging opens up amazing new possibilities

This shift in customer behaviour and preference opens the door to an amazing new opportunity. VoyagerNetz Engage takes advantage of that opportunity using a unique and enhanced technology to not only increase the customer experience but also the effectiveness of agents.

Automation saves everybody time

If a customer wants to self-help you should make it easy

Customers prefer to speak to people when things get complex but for basic tasks they will much rather help themselves than wait for a person to help them. This saves everybody time.

Streamlined teamwork

Bring your team together around a conversation

Every customer conversation becomes a space where the right team-members can be added and side-conversations can take place to help the customer as fast and efficient as possible.

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We utilize the industry's best security systems for authentication and authorization

While enhancing the customer experience is important, our highest priority is the protection of your information, and we will not compromise on security.

Integrate engage data into your existing system

Integration into your back end systems is possible

Contact us to discuss you unique integration requirements.